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What Technology Is Right For Your Business?

Amazing new technology pops up nearly every day. It’s flashy, it’s astounding and it’s more affordable than ever, but is it right for you? Not every new technology is right for every organization. It’s important to look at your overall business and financial goals to determine what technology tools can actually help you achieve them. I don’t just help others, I operate my very own practice from this perspective too.

I assist business owners research, plan and implement effective strategies for secure, value-added utilization of information technology. Technology is never one-size-fits-all, especially when you consider the differing needs of B2C versus B2B businesses. Let’s sit down together and discuss what success is to you and figure out how you can cost-effectively take advantage of the latest business technology to improve your operations and get you where you need to be.

Much of my professional work as a CPA focused on dispute resolution and litigation services entails working with attorneys. Because of this, I have a bird’s eye view on how they do, and don’t, embrace technology to make their practices modern, efficient, financially successful, and most importantly, safe and secure given the client data they manage. From a technology perspective, I marry this insight with my technological know-how to help legal practitioners in particular with their technology needs.

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