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Forensic Accounting

Follow The Numbers

When you are involved in a dispute, having a best guess isn’t enough. It’s vital to have a firm grasp on absolutes so that you can reach a proper resolution without regrets or doubts down the road. This is where having a trained forensic accountant can make a major difference in your outcome, revealing the story behind the numbers.

Whether advising on a basic agreement to make sure its content and consequences are clear, or assisting on a formal legal matter, I’ll pore through the data to uncover the important facts in your situation. Given the number of unknowns, forensic accounting services can be expensive. To keep your costs under control, I work in phases with you and your counsel and make efficient use of technological tools. Forensic accounting services I provide include:

  • Financial evidence collection, investigation and analysis
  • Calculation and quantification of what took place
  • Damages and loss calculations
  • Assessments of systems and operations to help determine true income and where money has gone
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Expert report creation and presentation
  • Deposition assistance

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Office: 914.733.7340
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