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Business Valuation

What Is Your Business’ Worth?

You’re fully aware of how much blood, sweat, tears, and of course, money you’ve invested in your company. But do you know your business’ actual market value? Don’t out-price or undersell yourself.

I have helped countless clients with business valuation matters and can help you determine the fair market value for your business too. Some of the areas where I can provide assistance include:

  • Estate and gift tax planning and compliance
  • Divorce/marital disputes
  • Business divorce (shareholder/partner disputes)
  • Civil disputes (probate and employment disputes)
  • Business succession or exit planning
  • Shareholder or partner buy-sells and buy-sell agreements
  • Buy-side and sell-side mergers, acquisitions and sales

Know your business’ value when you go to the table or need to make major decisions. Contact me today and let’s discuss what your business is really worth.

S. Kaplan CPA

Office: 914.733.7340
Direct: 914.937.6008 X 134

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