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Divorce Issues

Rethink The Divorce Process

Divorce is never fun, but it doesn’t have to be entirely unpleasant either. Many people are able to amicably and respectfully part ways with proper guidance from attorneys and other professional advisors. This is where I step in to help.

For those who wish to resolve matters out of court using alternative dispute resolution, such as collaborative divorce or mediation, I provide financial education, review and advice, ranging from business valuation and forensic accounting, to lifestyle analysis to calculation of alimony and child support working with both parties to help them reach a workable resolution.

For those who decide to litigate in court, I provide the expert financial insight needed to help them make important and sometimes life-changing decisions with an eye toward settlement. In most cases, I serve as a neutral expert, but can work with one party as needed. When necessary, I submit reports to the court and for the small percentage of cases that don’t settle I provide expert testimony on matters concerning business valuation, forensic accounting and lifestyle analysis.

I’ve assisted clients and their counsel by providing a variety of divorce-related services, including:

  • Business and asset valuations
  • Budget development
  • Equitable distribution plan development
  • Tax planning pre- and post-divorce
  • Alimony and child support determination
  • Forensic analysis to determine income and/or assets
  • Lifestyle analysis
  • Financial education
  • Assistance finding appropriate post divorce financial advisors

Call me today to discuss how I can help make an impending divorce a little less stressful.

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Office: 914.733.7340
Direct: 914.937.6008 X 134

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